About Us

We are all human.
We all have challenges.
We can solve them together.
We are HumanKind.

In a world full of limited resources, there’s one that’s truly unlimited—human kindness. Once unleashed, simple acts of kindness generate incredible outcomes for those most in need. A safe place, an ear to listen, and a plan to grow. Simple acts with profound impact.

Real challenges are faced by Wichitans everyday. People just like you. We stand for those who have no one else to care for them. We believe that just like the path to homelessness takes many shapes, so do the solutions.

From homeless to home, we are committed to helping all find their way. Providing people not only a sense of hope but an opportunity to start again. It takes strategic thinking, renewed vision and powerful support. We believe in this mission and we’re committed to making it happen, right here in Wichita.

Focus Areas

We provide 360° wraparound services anchored with case management—from emergency shelters to long-term housing, life skills training and much more. All aligned with the individual needs of each client. This work happens in three key focus areas:


Basic Needs

We provide for the most vulnerable when they need it most with shelter, clothing, food and basic healthcare. This occurs both in our shelters and through Operation Holiday.


Human Empowerment

We meet those in need where they are with the services and structure they need to improve their situations and work towards a better future.


Community Development

We bring the community together to impact the root causes of poverty and homelessness through service opportunities, learning and events.