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For 135 years, HumanKind (formerly InterFaith) Ministries has brought the community together to provide shelter, food, and other basic needs to the homeless and those living in poverty. In serving the region’s most vulnerable residents through case management and support services at its three homeless shelters and 112 low-income apartments, HumanKind (HK) aims to help its clients build brighter futures for themselves and their families—and in doing so, strengthen the entire community. HK also runs Wichita’s largest holiday assistance program, Operation Holiday, which provides food, coats and winter wear, blankets, pet food, and more to 11,000-15,000 low-income children and adults in Sedgwick County each year.

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HumanKind In The News


At age 10, he’s helping feed people in need in Kansas (August 25, 2020) The Washington Post

10-Year-Old Gets Recognized With Humanitarian Award (August 20, 2020) Daily Impact, Ashton Kutcher

Kansas 10-year-old wins Humanitarian Award for providing others with easy access to food (August 17, 2020) The Wichita Eagle

HumanKind Ministries And More (June 4, 2020) KSN

The Belmont donating food (April 25, 2020) KAKE

City approves money to keep homeless shelters open 24 hours a day (April 24, 2020) KSN

Kansas Operator Premier Food Services Ensures Employees Receive Full Paychecks and Meals, Despite COVID-19 Challenges (April 23, 2020) Vending Market Watch

Local business makes sure employees are taken care of during COVID-19 crisis (April 22, 2020) KAKE

Community Services Amid COVID-19 (April 21, 2020) KMUW

Wichita City Council takes another step to help the city’s homeless (April 21, 2020) KNSS

Coalition working to protect Wichita’s homeless during coronavirus outbreak (April 18, 2020) KFDI

Wichita works to provide shelter for homeless community during the COVID-19 pandemic (April 16, 2020) KSN

‘They need our services and support more than ever’: Wichita non-profits navigate COVID-19 roadblocks (April 3, 2020) KSN

Free lunches for kids during spring break (March 15, 2020) KSN

‘Without them, we would starve’: Wichita woman thanks community for free meals (March 12, 2020) KSN

Pay it forward-Kathy Bowles (April 6, 2020) Fox Kansas

‘They throw eggs at you and hit you in the head’: Homeless weigh in on regular harassment (Feb 18, 2020) KSN

Blind Wichita woman breaks impairment barrier, becomes laundry extraordinaire (Feb 6, 2020) KSN

All-you-can-eat soup from a long list of restaurants being served today in Wichita (January 31, 2020) Wichita Eagle

HumanKind ‘Souper Bowl’ in 20th year (January 29, 2019) KSN

HumanKind Ministries Presents Souper Bowl 2020 (January 28, 2020) KSN

Last day of distribution for Operation Holiday (December 18, 2019) KSN

Operation Holiday looking for volunteers today (December 16, 2019) KSN

Operation Holiday distribution begins, volunteers still needed (December 16, 2019) KAKE

Operation Holiday volunteers brave winter weather in Wichita (December 16, 2019) KWCH

Snow day does not freeze Operation Holiday distribution (December 16, 2019) KSN

Operation Holiday in need of volunteers TODAY! (December 16, 2019) KWCH

Operation Holiday needs jackets before distribution (December 13, 2019) KSN

Operation Holiday kicks off annual distribution Monday in Wichita (December 13, 2019) KWCH

Coats, blankets, and non-perishable foods top Operation Holiday requests (December 12, 2019) KSN

Operation Holiday needs children’s coats (December 11, 2019) Wichita Eagle

Meet the sister who keeps on giving, even at 102 (December 11, 2019) Aleteia

Kindness continues at Dillions Day of Giving (December 7, 2019) KSN

Applications up, donations down for Operation Holiday (December 7, 2019) KAKE

Operation Holiday short of Donations As It Prepares To Distribute Items To Those In Need (December 6, 2019) KMUW

‘We can help them if we come together’: Local student advocates for Operation Holiday donations (December 6, 2019). KSN

Organizers say donations are “way down” for Operation Holiday (December 5, 2019) KFDI

Donations ‘way down’ for Wichita’s largest holiday-assistance program (December 5, 2019) KWCH

Retired nun helps make hundreds of winter hats for Operation Holiday (December 4, 2019) KSN

Operation Holiday needs your support to help those in need (December 4, 2019) KSN

Operation Holiday begins push to get money and supplies for those in need (December 2, 2019) KSN

HumanKind Ministries accepting shoe donations (November 30, 2019) KWCH

Operation Holiday donation drive filled to the brim with kindness and warm clothes (November 23, 2019) KSN

Wins for Kansas: HumanKind Ministries (Nov 14, 2020) KAKE

Homeless outreach organizations facing coat shortage after the early winter chill (November 11, 2019) KSN

Operation Holiday accepting donations for its 2019 charity drive (November 5, 2019) KWCH

Operation Holiday Collection & Sign Up (November 4, 2019) KAKE

Operation Holiday now accepting donations for its 2019 charity drive (November 5, 2019) KWCH

Families and individuals can now apply for assistance through Operation Holiday (November 4, 2019) KSN

HumanKind Ministries on Good Day Kansas (November 1, 2019) KSN

HumanKind Ministries reopen emergency winter shelters (November 1, 2019) KWCH

Emergency winter shelters reopen for season (November 1, 2019) KSN

HumanKind Ministries opens emergency winter shelters (November 1, 2019) KFDI

Operation Holiday taking applications for holiday assistance (October 31, 2019) KWCH

How people are staying warm on the coldest night this season (October 30,2019) KSN

Renovated Homeless Shelter Ready Just In Time For Winter (October 29,2019) KMUW

Couldn’t do it without the support of the community’: Homeless shelter gets a new look (October 25, 2019) KSN

WPD’s Homeless Outreach Team helps get work out on winter shelters opening soon (October 10, 2019) KSN

A firefighter couple to be honored at the Humanitarian Awards (August 16, 2019) KSN

Humanitarian Awards (July 19, 2019) KSN

Inter-Faith Ministries raises awareness through Homeless for a Day Challenge (April 28,2019) KSN

Inter-Faith Ministries talks about Homeless for a Day Challenge & resources for the homeless (April 28, 2019) KSN

Inter-Faith Ministries challenges Kansans to a night of homelessness (April 5, 2019) KSN

Challenge Hopes to Raise Awareness of Homeless Issues in Wichita (March 4, 2019) KMUW

Inter-Faith Ministries opens doors to homeless as dangerous, frigid temps move in (March 3, 2019) KSN

Homeless shelter to stay open during the day due to weekend cold (March 2, 2019) KWCH

IFM Winter Shelters to stay open extra hours this weekend (March 1, 2019) KSN

Local homeless shelter staying open during snowy weekend (March 1, 2019) KAKE

Winter shelters open extra hours this weekend due to dangerous cold (March 1, 2019) KWCH

Inter-Faith Ministries will open their emergency winter shelters this weekend (March 1, 2019) KFDI

How to try soup from a dozen Wichita restaurants in one place—and keep the bowl (January 31, 2019) Wichita Eagle

Inter-Faith Ministries’s 19th Annual SOUPer Bowl (January 31, 2019) KAKE

Inter-Faith Ministries hosts SOUPer Bowl fundraiser Friday (January 31, 2019) KWCH

Inter-Faith Ministries hosting 19th annual SOUPer Bowl (January 31, 2019) KFDI

SOUPer Bowl 2019 Held This Friday (January 28, 2019) KSN

Inter-Faith Ministries to Operate Emergency Shelters on 24 Hour Basis This Weekend (January 18, 2019) KFDI

IFM winter shelters to open extra hours this weekend due to cold weather (January 17, 2019) KSN

Operation Holiday exceeds last year’s donations (December 20, 2018) KSN

Operation Holiday begins annual distribution of food, coats, and gifts (December 13, 2018) KAKE

Operation Holiday Distribution begins (December 12, 2018) KWCH

Operation Holiday gives thousands reason to celebrate holiday season (December 12, 2018) KSN

Holiday assistance program short on donations (December 12, 2018) KWCH

Operation Holiday receives large donation from Dillons (December 11, 2018) KSN

VIDEO: Dillons donates $10,000 worth of food to Operation Holiday (December 10,2018) KWCH

Donations pouring in for Operation Holiday, more still needed to meet goal (December 9, 2018) KSN

Nonprofits struggle during holiday season (December 7, 2018) KAKE

Less than one can per person: Operation Holiday says it needs a lot more donated food (December 6, 2018) Wichita Eagle

Operation Holiday still short on donations (December 6, 2018) KWCH

Deadline today to apply for Operation Holiday (November 30, 2018)

Operation Holiday still seeking donations as deadline approaches (November 28, 2018) KMUW

Inter-Faith Ministries collects donations for Operation Holiday (November 27, 2018) KSN

Still time for families to apply for holiday assistance (November 26, 2018) KWCH

Operation Holiday in need of donations (November 26, 2018) KAKE

Still time to apply for assistance through IFM’s Operation Holiday (November 26, 2018) KSN

Emergency Shelter open for first cold night of season (November 9, 2018) KAKE

Operation Holiday to support struggling families kicks off (November 5, 2018) KSN

Interfaith’s emergency winter shelters open (November 1, 2018) KFDI

Inter-Faith Ministries to open emergency shelters next Thursday (October 23, 2018) KWCH

Inter-Faith Inn: ‘Have a space where they can come to get out of the cold and bring their pet’  (October 12, 2018) KSN

Pets now welcome at Wichita homeless shelter (October 11, 2018) KWCH