Client Spotlight: Chris

Chris was looking to escape an abusive relationship of 7-plus years, so when a friend invited him to leave his hometown in Wisconsin and come to Wichita with him, he readily agreed. Reality set in upon arriving as Chris realized he knew no one in his new city and he soon found himself—and his beloved dog, Tonka—without a place to stay.

Tonka is an outgoing American Bulldog and Boxer mix who “has never met a stranger.” He has been Chris’s best friend since the day he got him as a puppy, and he feared for what would become of them both. Homeless for the first time in his life, during winter in a new city, Chris became anxious and scared.

Fortunately Chris learned about The Inn, HK’s year-round, pet-friendly shelter. When he found out they had room for both of them that night, he said, “it immediately took so much stress away knowing I would be able to bring him with me.”

With the stability of shelter secured, Chris soon found work and began saving money to get a permanent place for him and Tonka.

Homelessness comes with many challenges. Deciding between the streets with their beloved pet, often described as “a reason to live”, and a shelter should not be a decision they have to make. The Inn was the first pet-friendly shelter in the state, and stories like Chris and Tonka’s show why this program is so important.