Client Spotlight: Elizabeth

Elizabeth was at the hospital, still recovering from childbirth, when she learned that she and her newborn son, Kaden, had nowhere to go home to. The friend she had been staying with left town unexpectedly; she had nowhere else to turn and only the clothing on her back.


Elizabeth was referred to HumanKind Ministries’s year-round shelter for families, women, and men, The Inn. Upon arriving, she and her son were given their own private room. Elizabeth says she was so grateful for “a warm and safe place.”


She immediately began meeting with her case manager at The Inn, who helped connect her with resources for clothing, diapers, baby food, employment, and more.


After staying in with her baby for the first few weeks, Elizabeth found a low-income daycare, allowing her to get a job and start saving money for an apartment. She loves getting to work again and says she is eager to get into a place of her own soon.


The wrap-around care The Inn provides through case management connects the most vulnerable in our community with key resources. For many, this is a critical piece that helps them transition from homeless to home.