Did You Know: Focus on Domestic Violence

Did You Know: Focus on Domestic Violence

Did you know that in one night, 16% of all homeless people in the United States (87,329 people) reported experiencing domestic violence?*

Domestic violence is an immediate cause for some homeless individuals and families. Many victims are looking for safety often with limited economic resources, putting them at an increased vulnerability to homelessness. Some may be able to stay in their home or quickly find a place to stay, but the reality for many victims is they are in immediate need of a safe, temporary place to stay, and many end up on the streets.

While we are not a center for domestic violence, we often provide shelter for survivors. A woman recently came to HK with her two children, escaping from an abusive relationship. After years of suffering and being hospitalized due to domestic violence, she finally found safety at The Inn, our 24-hour homeless shelter. While at the Inn, she received case management and entered into an addiction treatment program. After a relapse to her abuser, she returned to the Inn—where HK was able to assist her in finding employment and a stable and safe place to live. Now in her home and drug-free, she is able to get her children back just in time for the holidays.

Stories like this woman’s show the importance and need for shelters serving these individuals and families, and being aware of the warning signs for domestic violence. Warning signs include excuses for injuries, personality changes, overly worried about pleasing a partner, and constantly skipping work/school/other events for no clear reason.

If you or a loved one is a victim of domestic violence, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or reach out to Wichita Family Crisis Center at 316-263-2313 or Harbor house at 316-263-6000—both local resources.

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