About Flush Away Poverty

Want To Know a Secret?


Everyone uses the bathroom.


Most of us don’t have to think twice about where to use the bathroom, but for those living in poverty or homelessness, basic needs like hygiene, shelter, and water can be hard to come by.

Advocate For Your Vulnerable Neighbors Like Never Before

From April 17-23, send a painted toilet to the front yard of anyone you choose and be part of the movement to flush away poverty in Wichita. You read that right, a toilet—a bright, bold, beautiful toilet. The recipient can choose to keep their “gift” or flush it forward. But be careful who you choose because they could send it right back to you. Of course, we could also remove it…for a small donation.

Why a Toilet?

Besides being the ultimate symbol of basic needs, these coveted yard accessories will be impossible to ignore as they pop up all over the city. The result—a movement of empathy for the 61,000 people living in poverty or homelessness in Wichita.

Changing Lives, One Toilet at a Time

Send a full-sized toilet for $100 and fund an entire week’s stay in our Emergency Winter Shelter. Or send a planter-sized toilet (complete with succulent) to someone’s home or desk for $50 and fund a two-night stay off the streets.

Toilets are available now! We only have a limited number—don’t lose your chance to join us in the fight to flush away poverty. Questions? Read the Flush Away Poverty FAQs.

Thank you to our 2023 Flush Away Poverty Sponsors

Send a Toilet

Toilets are available to reserve now!


We have unique opportunities for individuals and groups including painting toilets, making deliveries and pickups, and manning our Flush Away Poverty hotline!