Received a Toilet

You’ve Been Flushed!


If you’ve made it to this page, you probably have a painted toilet sitting in your yard. Or perhaps you are looking at a teeny tiny toilet on your desk and you don’t know why.


Someone has sent you a toilet as a statement of their desire to Flush Away Poverty. By sending you this toilet, they have made a donation to HumanKind Ministries that will help thousands of Wichitans experiencing poverty or homelessness access basic needs like shelter, food, water, clean clothes, medical care, and more.


Flush your full-sized toilet forward to someone else to help grow the movement and raise critical funds for HumanKind’s programs and services, or we can remove it for a donation*. If you received a small toilet, you can send a toilet of your own to the home of whoever you choose, or donate in your sender’s honor. 


Will you join the movement to flush away poverty?

Send My Toilet to Someone Else

Please Take My Toilet Away

*Price to flush forward is per toilet. Price to remove is per household

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