Fundraising Tips for a Successful Sleep Out

Q: I’ve registered for Sleep Out ICT, what’s next?



A: Fundraising!


When you fundraise for HumanKind you provide basic needs for clients like William who without our shelter during the February cold would have been “roaming the streets just trying to keep moving.”


We really want you to enjoy your Sleep Out fundraising experience, so check out our tips to help you hit your fundraising goal (*bonus tip: people are more likely to help you meet your goal if they know what it is).

William has been a client for around five years and regularly uses the Emergency Winter Shelter.

5 Easy Ways (and 3 Fantastic Prizes) to Maximize Your Donations


If competition is your thing then our incentives might inspire your fundraising efforts!*


The top Sleep Out ICT fundraising team will win a game day package at the Wichita Wind Surge, including use of a suite and food for up to 25 people! The top individual fundraiser will win a trip to Walt Disney World(r) Resort in Orlando, Florida! Read on for some quick wins that will put you in the running.


Personalize your Fundraising Page

A photo alone can increase donations on your fundraising page by 14%. That’s because people like to know their donation is going to something they care about, i.e. you! You can also assure your donors that 100% of their donation will go directly HumanKind’s homeless services and programs. Take time to include why Sleep Out is important to you. How have you been impacted or seen homelessness and poverty firsthand? How did you hear about HumanKind? What inspired you to get involved? Your story will not only inspire them to donate, but it could also inspire them to get involved themselves.


Fundraisers Assemble

Sleep Out ICT is an opportunity to show gratitude for our home comforts, including the people in our lives. So why not make them a part of your Sleep Out experience? Invite your friends and family to compete to see who can raise the most money – maybe the loser has to cook for everyone? Then, come together on April 29th and sleep out as a group.


Sharing is Caring

People won’t donate if they don’t know you’re fundraising! Sharing your personal fundraising page is easy and can be an effective way to fundraise so share your link via text and email. You can also share HumanKind’s social posts and event links on Facebook and Instagram @HumanKindWichita.



It’s ok to have fun while you fundraise. What else can you do to encourage people to donate? Shave your head if you raise $1,000? Go live on Facebook and do a pushup for each dollar raised? If you’re taking part with kids, consider traditional bake sales and lemonade stands to raise additional dollars – the old ones are the best.


Keep the Momentum

You can still fundraise for Sleep Out ICT after April 29 so continue to share your experiences, thoughts, and feelings after your Sleep Out. You might find that the insight you get from the event gives you some new things to say to inspire your donors.


To stay up to date on announcements and important info about Sleep Out ICT follow @HumanKindWichita on Facebook and Instagram, and keep your eyes peeled for more emails from us between now and April 29th.

Happy fundraising!


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