Volunteer Spotlight—Christince Vumai

“Giving kindness and compassion directly is very beautiful.”

Christince Vumai is a regular and much-valued HumanKind volunteer—more than that, she is a calming presence that both clients and HK staff appreciate being around.


Christince began volunteering in HK’s women’s clothing closet, where the camaraderie between women in shelter resonated with her. “These ladies are kind and gracious and they look out for each other,” says Christince. “I’ve seen women with no shoes on their feet queue for the only pair in their size, only to give them away to someone who they thought needed them more. It really hit me the first time I was there—a woman was so genuinely grateful for a tampon, and I was so moved by that. It’s very humbling to realize how much we take for granted.”


Christince enjoys the direct interaction with clients that she gets from working in the women’s shelter, where the impact of her work is very tangible. She also credits volunteering for helping her maintain good mental health during the pandemic: “Giving kindness and compassion directly is very beautiful. Every single interaction I have with a client is rewarding. It’s helped my mental health greatly, being reminded that I have a greater purpose.”


We love having Christince as part of our incredible community of supporters and hope she will continue to bring her grace and compassion to our clients for years to come.

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