Volunteer Spotlight – Kelsey Beckman


Why do you volunteer at HumanKind?


Longtime volunteer Kelsey Beckman, sums it up in 5 words, “I can make a difference.” For years, Kelsey has donated her time and resources to HumanKind and her simple acts of kindness have generated incredible outcomes for our clients.


Kelsey first got involved with HumanKind when she noticed Wichta’s growing homeless population and decided to do whatever she could to help. She started by volunteering for Operation Holiday: “I loved seeing so many families being provided with everything they need to have a happy and full holiday.”


Soon after, Kelsey started volunteering her time at other fundraising events and at our Emergency Winter Shelters. She even started to get her friends involved: “Last year, I decided to start a fundraiser amongst my friends on Giving Tuesday to raise money to prepare a meal for the shelter. I ended up raising money to provide a few meals and did the same again this year to help others. It’s been fun getting my friends involved and seeing them step up to help others.”


Kelsey is a great example of how the little things mean a lot and, while little, make a big difference to our community. By volunteering her time, Kelsey has given many clients hope when they needed it most. We at HumanKind hope to continue to provide the ‘big little things’ for clients in need, and we truly appreciate our volunteers like Kelsey who make that possible.


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