Our Work is More Important Than Ever

And We Need Your Help

Homeless individuals are at particular risk to contract COVID-19, so we are taking special efforts to keep them safe and sheltered. We have opened an additional Emergency Winter Shelter and implemented health and safety precautions, which requires additional funding and staff hours. Please consider supporting this important work with a gift today.

The 2021 Humanitarian Awards

The 2021 Humanitarian Awards will be held on Saturday, August 21. We are so pleased to be hosting an in-person event at a newly-renovated venue, Brick & Mortar.


We are both pleased and saddened to report that all tickets for this year’s benefit are now sold out. We hope you will stay tuned for ways you can still join us in celebrating your peers and the kindness that runs through our city. This year we have four award winners who have shown extreme kindness, leadership, and philanthropy in an unprecedentedly difficult time. You can also make a donation in honor of any of our winners by clicking here.