Our Mission

We are HumanKind

For more than 135 years, HumanKind Ministries has demonstrated a commitment to helping those struggling in our community with an emphasis on poverty and housing insecurities. We believe that, just like the path to poverty takes many shapes, so do the solutions. From homeless to home, and beyond, we are committed to helping all find their way— providing not only hope, but an opportunity to start again.


HumanKind Ministries provides outreach, shelter, affordable housing, basic needs, and supportive services to those experiencing housing insecurities or poverty in Sedgwick County. Recognizing the inherent value of each person, we serve our region’s most vulnerable with compassion and, in doing so, strengthen the entire community.


We will serve as the catalyst for change in our community by educating and bringing together individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and government to support all those struggling with poverty or homelessness. Together we will ensure homelessness in Sedgwick County is rare, brief, and nonrecurring. By meeting our clients where they are, literally and figuratively, we will help them achieve a place of stability and maintain it, thus breaking the cycle of homelessness.



We do all we can to serve those who suffer from housing insecurity or poverty, regardless of background.


Recognizing the inherent value of each person, we treat all people with dignity and respect.


We are committed to continuous improvement in all capacities, from programs to administration.


We partner with other service providers, the government, corporations, and individuals to serve as many people as possible.

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