Humanitarian Awards

We are thrilled to be honoring our 70th class of Humanitarian Award winners at this year’s benefit.

Now in its 73rd year, the Humanitarian Awards Benefit has brought the Wichita community together to celebrate its unsung heroes—everyday people going out of their way to help someone just because it’s the right thing to do. The event is also a fundraiser, raising critical funds to help HumanKind Ministries continue our important work helping those experiencing poverty and housing insecurities.

This year’s benefit will be held on Saturday, August 26, at The Marriott Hotel. Once again, the community gave our committee a tough job when it came to selecting which of Wichita’s many heroes to honor. This year’s winners each impact Wichita in different ways, demonstrating that leadership, service, and purpose look different on everyone.


The same can be said for those we serve—no two experiences of housing insecurity are the same, and neither are the stories that led there. That’s why this year’s benefit is entitled “Beyond Black and White,” as a reminder to look beyond the status quo and stereotypes, to the people behind the label of homelessness.


To purchase a ticket or table, or to discuss sponsor opportunities, please contact Greer Cowley at or at 316-264-9303, ext 115.

Please join us in congratulating this year’s winners on their achievements and impact on our community.

Tom Borrego

Leadership Through Action

For more than 30 years, Tom Borrego has been committed to serving his community. Tom currently serves as the Vice President of Advancement & Special Assistant to the President at Butler Community College and, over the past 17 years, has led, served, and supported numerous local organizations.

Tom has a unique ability to bring the mission and ideas of each nonprofit he works with to life. His dedication to servant leadership and spreading the positive impact of local nonprofits is truly inspiring and has changed a lot of lives over the years.

Bike Walk Wichita

Golden Rule

Bike Walk Wichita has been serving the Wichita community since 2010, helping to create a more livable, accessible, and connected community. They serve many underprivileged individuals by giving them a means of transportation through volunteerism, offering free “ready to roll” bikes to children in need, and advocating for better public transportation.

Their purpose has always run deeper than a love of biking and walking-they value uplifting people from all walks of life and in doing so, restore dignity and independence to hundreds of Wichitans.

Courtney Wages

Light The Way Youth

Courtney Wages has been an advocate for the blind and visually impaired for several years. She spends her free time volunteering at Heathers Camp, working with children who are blind and exposing them to activities like swimming and horse riding, showing them they are capable and worthy of doing whatever they set their minds to.

Last year, Courtney launched “Eye See You,” an initiative that teaches students across the city to embrace differences and support those with different abilities. Whether she’s volunteering her time, advocating for those with different abilities, or collecting eyewear for families in need, Courtney’s passion and heart are helping hundreds of children and families in Wichita.

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