Community Spotlight – Thrive Restaurant Group

Local restaurant group Thrive is dedicated to serving the community one meal at a time and HK is lucky to benefit from this mission. When Chief People Officer Ryan Bond learned of HK from a friend, he was immediately intrigued and impressed by our mission and he and his family started volunteering, providing meals at the Emergency Winter Shelter and blankets for Operation Holiday.  Since then, Thrive volunteers have been integral to some of our most utilized programs. They helped prepare The Studios for its opening back in the fall, getting it ready for 54 of our region’s most vulnerable to move from the streets. Thrive has also donated warm meals to feed those who stayed in our Emergency Winter Shelter.


Bond talks of the many times Thrive has had to the opportunity to volunteer with HK fondly: “HK is a wildly inclusive group of people. I feel a strong sense of belonging. Everyone is willing to pitch in and help, and that speaks volumes.”


It’s written into Thrive’s company culture to look for opportunities that provide a sense of fulfillment. Employees are encouraged to volunteer as they are able, not in order to complete a set number of volunteer hours but to connect with their community and learn that there are always opportunities to help others in need. Thrive also operates programs for the community and employees who may not have the time to take out of their day to volunteer. Loving People with Food allows general managers to provide free meals to whomever they choose, and the Thrive Foundation supports employees and their families who may be in crisis.


Our relationship with Thrive and their generous employees is one we are very proud of. Thank you, Thrive for your commitment to your community—through HK and beyond.


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