Flush Away Poverty FAQs

Sending A Toilet

What Is The Difference Between Sending a Toilet and Flushing One Forward?

Flushing a toilet forward means re-gifting a toilet that has been sent to you, to someone else. We will come and pick it up and redeliver it. If you haven’t received a toilet of your own,and yoou would like to send one, we will dispatch one from our warehouse.


Can I Flush a Small Toilet Forward? Or Have it Removed?

We are only able to flush forward and remove large toilets. You are welcome to keep or donate small toilets.


Can I Send Multiple Toilets to the Same Address?

Yes. Just add all your toilets to your cart and enter the recipient’s address at the checkout.


How Do I Send to Multiple Addresses?

You will need to complete a separate transaction for each delivery or pickup address. We are working to change this. This does not impact the amount you will be charged.


Is There a Charge for Delivery?

No. HumanKind staff and volunteers will deliver all toilets and make all pickups.


When Will my Toilet be Delivered?

Deliveries will be made on Monday 4/17, Weds 4/19, and Friday 4/21. Final pick-ups will be on Monday 4/24 

Receiving A Toilet

I’ve received a toilet, what do I do?

We encourage you to flush your toilet forward. Click here to add a toilet to your cart and make a note of the pickup address at the checkout.


Can I Have My Toilet removed?

Yes. Click here to add our toilet removal service to your cart.


Can I Keep My Toilet and Send One to Someone Else?

Yes. You are free to enjoy your toilet!

About Flush Away Poverty

What is Flush Away Poverty?

Flush Away Poverty is a fundraiser for HumanKind Ministries’ programs and services and a campaign for awareness of the 61,000 people living in poverty in Wichita and countless more experiencing homelessness.  It gives Wichitans a unique opportunity to surprise and delight friends, family, and neighbors, while raising funds and awareness of the basic needs of Wichita’s most vulnerable residents, by sending a brightly painted toilet to the home of whomever they wish.  

Why a Toilet?

People living in poverty or homelessness often lack easy access to basic needs including food, water, shelter, appropriate clothing, medical care, and sanitation. The toilet is a symbol of these basic needs that so many of us take for granted. 

What Does My Money Support?

All proceeds will support HumanKind’s programs and services, which include homeless shelters, low-income apartment complexes, street outreach, and other basic needs programs. Funds will also go toward installing new bathroom facilities at our Men’s Emergency Winter Shelter which now serves up to 140 people every night. Learn more about our work here.


I Have a Problem, How Can I Get Help?

Please call us at 316-264-9303 with any questions at all. The team is happy to help! You can also email us at info@humankindwichita.org or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram @HumanKindWichita.

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