Raising children is no easy task, especially when you’re a single mom struggling with housing insecurities.


Kelly, a single mom with two children, found herself without a home after leaving an abusive relationship. After spending more than 30 hours on a bus, Kelly and her children arrived in Wichita without a place to stay.


They were stranded at the bus stop for hours until a kind security guard stepped in and offered to help her get in touch with the HOT Team. Shortly after, Officer Nate arrived and helped Kelly and her family get to the HumanKind Inn, our year-round shelter for individuals and families.


Terrified and tired, Kelly stepped into the front door of the HumanKind Inn and was greeted by her new Case Manager, Crystal. Kelly and her family stayed at The Inn for a few weeks working with the HK team to help build a new life for her and her children. Kelly’s days were filled with meetings with her case manager, working two jobs to support her family, and spending any time she could with her children. Watching movies and playing board games in the family room was their favorite way to spend their free time.


After receiving the critical support they needed, Kelly and her family moved into a place of their own. Kelly says, “I will never forget how scared we were when we arrived at the bus stop that day. The moment we arrived at The Inn, I felt so much peace knowing I didn’t have to do this alone.”


Kelly and her family are now settled into their new place and Kelly is working towards getting her brokerage license. Kelly also donates what she can to HumanKind. She says, “I donate because I’ve been there. I know how hard it is to be a single mom without a home. I want other moms to know they don’t have to do it alone.”


Every year we see hundreds of single moms come through our doors. They say it takes a village to raise a child, we are proud to be a part of that village.



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