Our Work

From Homeless to Home

HumanKind Ministries provides street outreach, shelter, affordable housing, supportive services, and basic needs to those experiencing homelessness or poverty in Sedgwick County. Recognizing the inherent value of each person, we serve the most vulnerable with compassion and kindness and, in doing so, strengthen the entire community.

The Challenges

In our community, the needs of those struggling are varied and often profound. The poorest and most vulnerable are often caught in a vicious cycle as they try to meet their basic needs in the face of poverty, family crisis, health issues and more.

More than 600 People are Homeless in the City of Wichita

Often times individuals are missed during the point-in-time count and many more who stay with friends or family are not counted but are still considered unsheltered.

16.9% of Wichitans Live Below the Federal Poverty Line

Living below the poverty line means you are often only one accident, domestic incident or job loss away from life on the street.

19% of Children Under 18 Live Below the Poverty Line

Poverty often impedes children’s ability to learn and contributes to social, emotional, health and behavioral problems.

Our Solutions

We truly believe that powerful moments of kindness can intervene and work to break this cycle. If we can help lift up those struggling to a place of stability, it will lift up the entire community around them. Working together we can make homelessness in Wichita rare, brief, and nonrecurring.

Outreach and Shelter

Street Outreach

From April 1 to October 31, our outreach team travels the city to visit 15-30 unsheltered clients per week, bringing water, food, toilet paper, and other basic needs. HK partners with local healthcare providers to administer first aid and basic healthcare to these clients. Regular, consistent visits build trust and lay a foundation for clients to lean on when they are ready to move into shelter.


Emergency Winter Shelter

From November to March, we operate two no-barrier Emergency Winter Shelters—one for men and one for women. Clients have nightly access to a safe place to sleep, hot meals, clean clothes, and basic healthcare. Outreach managers continue to work with clients in shelter to identify their next best step. With this coaching, many clients then move on into extended shelter.


Extended Shelter

HumanKind also operates one year-round homeless shelter. The Inn is a 60-bed, low-barrier shelter for individuals, families, and those with pets. A typical stay is around 45 days and in that time clients meet one-on-one with a Case Manager to address their obstacles to secure housing and work toward long-term stability. Learn more about our shelters here.

Low-Income, Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

Intermediary Housing

The Studios is a 54-unit, low-barrier facility designed to ease the progression from homelessness to independent living. Any homeless individual can apply for a fully furnished studio apartment with all utilities paid. A typical stay will be 1 to 3 years.


Long-term Housing

The Villas is a 101-unit low-income apartment complex that ranges from lofts to 3-bedrooms units. HK’s goal for residents at The Villas is to stay for many years. We are always there to help them maintain the stability and self-sufficiency they have worked so hard for.


All apartment residents receive on-site case management and life skills classes. These tools reduce recidivism by empowering residents to address short and long-term goals such as employment, housing, and health. Research shows that PSH has a long-term retention rate up to 98%. Learn more about our apartments here.

Basic Needs

Holiday Assistance

Each year, HK distributes basic necessities such as food, winter wear, blankets, and pet food to those who need it most through Operation Holiday. Children 14 and under receive toys through our partnership with U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program.


Operation Holiday is the region’s largest holiday assistance program and serves approximately 14,000 low-income individuals each year. Learn more about OH here.

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