Volunteer Spotlight – Linda Doll


Who is your hero? At HumanKind, we work with hundreds every year. They dedicate hours upon hours to help our clients get through some of the most challenging times of their lives. They give hope to those in the community who often feel hopeless. Our heroes are volunteers like Linda Doll. 


Linda’s love of volunteering started when she and her family struggled growing up. Linda remembers the community coming together to help them during the hard times: “Our church friends, family, and neighbors would bring food and help our family get through; My dad’s friends would come by and offer to help with yard work and other chores to help lighten the burden. Those 2 years were rough. After that, I told myself I would give back to the community when I could. People will always need help. It’s nobody’s fault, nobody plans for it, things just happen.” 


Linda first got involved with HumanKind many years ago when she heard about our work through her church. She started using her paid time off to volunteer during Operation Holiday. After retiring 6 years ago, Linda began volunteering nearly every day of the week in November and December, helping sort through thousands of items in preparation for Operation Holiday distribution. This year alone, Linda spent hours sorting and preparing 6,302 coats, blankets, and winter accessories to be given to thousands of children.  


Linda describes why she continues to volunteer: “One year, there was a Grandma that came with a little girl. They found the little girl a coat that fit her, and I asked, Does she need a hat, scarf, or gloves? There was a giant pink boa-like scarf. She picked it up, and her face lit up. She had the biggest smile. She was so proud to have that new coat and fluffy scarf.” Knowing she will help provide kids with coats, gloves, and scarves to keep them warm during the coldest months keeps Linda coming back every year.  


People like Linda Doll are not ordinary people; they are the lifeblood of HumanKind’s work. Linda helps provide thousands with warmth and hope every winter, and we truly couldn’t do it without her. Thank you, Linda, for all you do to give back to the community. 



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