Volunteer Spotlight – Maryon Habtemariam


Maryon Habtemariam has dedicated her service to HumanKind for many years as a former member on our Board of Directors and a current volunteer. Maryon works as a nurse and nursing instructor for Wichita State and has been volunteering to help people in need for years. She spends the coldest months of the year giving back to clients at our Emergency Winter Shelter Nurse’s Station. Not only does she provide essential first aid care to our clients, but she also provides a sense of hope and someone to talk to when they need it most. 


Maryon was connected to HK through a previous client, and soon after started volunteering. “I was mostly interested in volunteering because I’m able to play a small role in getting someone off the streets. I like volunteering at the winter shelter because it reminds me to count my blessings and allows an opportunity to share them.” Maryon works hard to make sure each client knows they are valuable members of the community. Maryon has a gift for connecting with our clients during what’s often the most challenging time in their life.  


Throughout Maryon’s years of volunteering she’s learned that people just want to be seen and heard. Maryon is always happy to listen to client stories, many come to her regardless of having an actual medical need or not. She is always there for them.  


Maryon’s devotion to helping her community is invaluable. Her warm demeanor and compassionate spirit are a great representation of the sheer force of good that volunteers have in helping to transform lives in our community. We are incredibly blessed to have Maryon as a volunteer, a community member, and friend of HumanKind. 


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