For the last 60 years, Goodwill Industries of Kansas has been an advocate and supporter for people with developmental disabilities, offering various programs including job training, life skills classes, and targeted case management. Not only does Goodwill advocate for people with disabilities but they also help those who are experiencing homelessness in our community, including through partnerships with organizations like HumanKind.


Through Goodwill’s voucher program, we are able to provide our clients with giftcards/vouchers to shop at their retail stores–where they can get basic needs like clothes and shoes, helping to restore independence and dignity to many of our clients.


Goodwill’s President and CEO Laura Ritterbush says, “By partnering with other organizations, we can accomplish more as a community.” We echo this sentiment at HumanKind and partnerships with local organizations like Goodwill are vital to our clients’ success. Seemingly small actions such as shopping for oneself can have a significant impact on our clients. Laura said it best, “The problem of homelessness is complex in nature and takes all of us to work together towards a solution. We are proud to partner with HumanKind to help even more people.”



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