Client Spotlight: Elle

“I am blessed,” Elle says, reflecting on her journey from homelessness to her new apartment.


Around 10 years ago, Elle moved in with her cousin, who was struggling financially, to help with childcare. Things didn’t improve and when her cousin was still unable to make ends meet, they were evicted. Elle lost all her belongings and became homeless.


Elle says she experienced many difficult and devastating situations during the nearly two years she spent on the streets: “people take advantage of kindness and you see a lot of things you shouldn’t,” she said. Elle first got connected to HumanKind Ministries (HK) through our outreach services which provide food, water, and connections to helpful resources in the community—she was referred to HK’s Emergency Winter Shelter (EWS) and soon began staying there.


Elle decided she wanted to volunteer at the shelter: “I tried to work as hard as I could where I was. I had to give something back because of what they gave me,” she said. After staying at the EWS, Elle transitioned to HK’s year-round, longer term shelter, The Inn. There she received a room to stay in nightly and case management. She continued to give back through volunteering and began looking for housing options with her case manager. After a few months, she was able to get into one of HK’s low-income apartments.


Elle expressed gratitude for HK being there every step of the way, and for the generous donors who supported her on her path to her new home. Once worried about finding the most well-lit part of the streets to attempt to stay safe at night, Elle is now enjoying settling in and fixing up her apartment just the way she likes it.


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