Dasa and Nalini Gangadhar are some of our most dedicated volunteers.


Dasa and Nalini’s relationship with HK began through volunteering—they have tirelessly given thousands of hours to serve the community. They say, “When we moved to Wichita, we thought homelessness was just a big city issue, we quickly learned that we had fellow Wichitans experiencing hardships and we wanted to help.” Nalini continues, “I enjoyed serving food to the guests at the Winter Shelter and it inspired us to get more involved.” Since serving at the Winter Shelter, Dasa and Nalini have gone on to support HumanKind in so many ways: through Operation Holidayand spring fundraisers; by advocating our mission throughout the community, serving on the Humanitarian Awards Benefit Committee, and Co-Chairs of this year’s benefit. In 2022, Nalini joined the HK Board of Directors and we look forward to her service for many years to come. 


When asked why they continue to volunteer, they say “We’re all a part of this community, and we all have to work together to take care of each other during tough times. We like to work with HK to do that because they’re not just providing meals and shelter, but helping thousands gain pride, dignity, and the confidence to get back on their feet.” 


HumanKind is fortunate to have exceptional individuals and true change-makers like Dasa and Nalini. Volunteers are the backbone of HumanKind and we are so grateful for their unwavering commitment and support. 



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