Operation Holiday is a staple in Ed and Jane Frederick’s lives. They’ve been longtime supporters of the holiday assistance program, and HumanKind for more than 15 years.



It all started when Jane took on the volunteer role of volunteer coordinator for the organization in the early 2000s and has continued ever since. Over the past 15 years, Ed and Jane have volunteered more than 3,000 hours to the organization and are a fixture of Operation Holiday.


Operation Holiday, the region’s largest holiday assistance program powered by HumanKind, became an annual tradition for Ed and Jane. Each year, they volunteer their time at the Operation Holiday help desk, spending an entire week assisting individuals and families who sign up to receive their winter essentials. Ed also volunteers his time on the Operation Holiday taskforce, helping to prepare and plan for the event each year. Ed says, “Operation Holiday is my favorite event because it helps so many in our community. I remember, one year, a young lady came to distribution and needed a ride home. I gave her a ride home, and during the drive, she expressed how appreciative she was to receive essentials to get through the winter. It was incredible to see her smile and light up.”



Ed and Jane’s unwavering dedication to volunteering their time year after year is truly a testament to who they are. Their servant hearts have brought joy, hope, and relief to hundreds of households in our community during the holiday season–and we couldn’t be more grateful for them.


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